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The free LCCP survey

Lubricants are defined as a chemical hazard in food production processes and as such should be part of a company's HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) audit. To support our customers, Lincol offer a free LCCP (Lubrication Critical Control Point) survey that identifies:

What are the potential risks? Oil and grease contamination of food and food packaging can arise from a variety of mechanical failures, mis-applications and design faults. A few common ones are lubricant carried in compressed air, leaking gearboxes above conveyor belts carrying food product and over-greasing of bearings near food.

What can be done? Before preventative action can be taken, it is essential to take an inventory of each lubricant point where contamination of the food product is possible.  Following an LCCP Survey our technical team can make an inventory of each lubricant point and present a preventative action plan based on a clear understanding of your processes.

The LCCP Survey can feed into your HACCP submission verifying that the risk of contamination of the end product from lubricants is minimised and correct food grade lubricants are used in the pertinent applications and in the right amounts. This contributes to the protection of your brand which is priceless for all food companies.